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Leena and Mona were the best of companions. The two elite companions had come to Mumbai together only one year prior. They were from North India and had the kind of bodies frequently connected with North Indian ladies. 

For sure, the North Indian Independent Girls in Mumbai were of normal stature and had beautiful thin, conditioned edges. However, they had female bends, especially their attractive hips and lovely asses – the kind that looked extraordinary in a two-piece on the beach!

They both had long dark black hair that tumbled to beneath their shoulders where it brushed their olive, sun-kissed skin. However, the characterizing highlight of the two private companions was their glorious bosoms. Both brandished DD tits. Mona’s bosoms were marginally greater, however, the distinction was scarcely perceptible, particularly in light of the fact that Leena had greater areolas that exclusive appeared to improve her own assets.

The elite companions could have been twins – it was maybe why the North Indian Elite Companions were regularly reserved as a North Indian companion pair. This was the situation today as they were booked for an outcall booking. The two buxom private companions touched base at the outcall flat two or three minutes early.

They were wearing a downplayed way that was still strikingly hot. With asses like theirs, a couple of pants could go far. Their tight shirts just underscored their colossal DD tits. They’d had no particular guidelines from their customer and he had revealed to them they could dress as they wished – they would be stripped soon enough in any case! Not recognizing what’s in store, they hummed the flat and took the lift to the best floor penthouse.

The attractive North Indian companions were welcomed by a shockingly elderly man. He was maybe in his 70s, however, looked fit as a fiddle for his age.  

“Girls, welcome!” he shot, signaling them inside. 

The penthouse was enormous and unmistakably this was one old man with genuine cash. In the focal point of the roomy lounge was a couch with a seat inverse. Signaling to the couch, the old man sat down in the seat confronting it. The twosome of North Indian companions sat down alongside each other on the couch and sat tight hopefully for his instructions.

“Strip”, said the elderly gentleman. 

It was clear he wasn’t messing around! There was no casual discussion and no requirement for ice-breakers. The two amble Spanish escorts did as they were told. To make it significantly sexier, they uncovered each other, gradually pulling down each other’s shorts and uncovering the full, heart-formed asses underneath. Off too went their undies, and the old outcall customer appeared to be cheerful to see their flawlessly shaved pussies in full view.

Unclipping each other’s bras, their colossal bosoms tumbled out, bobbing as their hands wandered.

“Sit down”, came the direction from the outcall customer of the elite companions. 

The sensuous North Indian companion sat their exposed asses on the couch and spread their legs, welcoming their customer. The elderly outcall customer stood up and advanced over the room. The young ladies take a gander at each other curiously; quick to realize what he was doing. His back swung to them, they heard him stirring around in a cabinet. He pivoted and they smiled.

In his hands were two immense dark dildos. He strolled up to them and gave one to every one of them. On coming back to his seat he grinned at the curvy North Indian Girls. 

“I need you to fuck yourselves. The first to cum will win a reward of INR 15,000.” 

The two North Indian Elite Companions took a gander at each other in astonished pleasure. While the extra was positively a motivating force, they adored going up against each other in such a sexual way. Shrugging their shoulders with a grin the Spanish escorts each took their huge dark dildo in the two hands and squeezed it against their officially clammy pussies. 

The lovely pussy lips separated and the attractive North Indian companions started to slide the dildo all through their delightful bodies. Their tits hurled as they got the opportunity to work, their lips separated as they groaned in joy. Their outcall customer unfastened his pants and connected for his rooster to start yanking it. Empowered by this, the couple of North Indian companions expanded the beat. The dark dildos were smooth with their pussy juices and it was clear both Leena and Mona were getting a charge out of the circumference and length of them.

They both looked at each other, quick to survey how close the other was to cumming. Seeing each other fuck themselves just turned them two on significantly more. Leena had now shut her eyes and was groaning every now and again as she slammed the dildo against her inexorably wet cunt.

Sensing that she was to lose, Mona chose to let it all out. The Independent Girl in Mumbai was currently beating her pussy with the colossal dildo, quick to cum hard soon. The black dildo was entering the Spanish escort with expanding recurrence and it was going further and more profound inside her. Her DD tits skipped forward and backward as she kept on fucking herself. Her pussy was currently influencing a squelching to sound; such was the measure of juice that was leaking from between her legs. 

With a sudden cry, her legs started to tremble and her hips kicked as her climax hit her hard. Its sound just made Leena cum as well, the combination of elite companions shouting out together in sheer rapture. In their own universe of joy, they’d scarcely heard the old man moan and spurt his heap into the air. They had done in fact – especially Mona! Beverages would be on her today at evening time!


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