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Tia and Mili lived and worked as an elite companion in Mumbai. Today they were energized as they had both been hired to go with an exceptionally well off man to the private porn award ceremony. It was asked for that the elite companions participate with the topic of the occasion by coming in wearing only meager two-pieces and heels. 
The Curvy Mumbai Female Escorts were gotten by a driver of a BMW. As the entryway was opened for them they saw the well-off man in the back. He invited them both with a kiss on the two cheeks and a brassy gesture of congratulations on their ideal asses. It was just a short ride and before the hot companions knew it they were strolling down celebrity central in their swimming outfits, parading their curvy bosoms while cameras flashed all around them.
When the hot elite companions, in the end, got sat at their table they sat either side of the tycoon and tasted on the costly champagne. As the night advanced, they got the chance to observe short clasps of the porn films that were designated for grants. Being young elite companion, Tia and Mili just got hornier and hornier with every porn cut that was shown.
When their client’s name was declared as the champ of a honor, he needed to go to the phase to get it. The two elite companions drew edged nearer to each other and started to play with each other under the table. When that all turned out to be excessively for them, they pardoned themselves and nearly rushed to the restroom. The elite companions quickly kept running into a similar work area and started to kiss and finger each other.
Tia dropped to her knees and pulled Mili two-piece bottoms to the side with the goal that she could lick out the elite companion drenching pussy, her tongue achieving somewhere inside it. As they were both so horny it was not sometime before Mia was cumming all finished Tia confront. It was then time to swap with the goal that Tia could get her pleasure!
When the curvy companions had tidied themselves up, they came back to the table where their person was finishing up everyone champagne and flaunting his shining honor. The young ladies both kissed him on the cheek and whispered to him that they could not sit tight for the after-show party. That would be the point at which they could truly show to him what the best companions are prepared to do!

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