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Certainty: I adore my customers. I am not trying to say that to win support with gentlemen out there and appear “decent”; nor am I one of those irritating individuals that just ever think positive considerations, say positive things or have been overexposed to “The Art of Happiness”. 
In spite of the inclination of us people to classify/box/subjectify/generalization each other in light of appearance, legacy, culture, religion, foundation, riches, training and early introductions; our identities are inalienably mind-boggling, multi-faceted, even chameleon-like and everlastingly charming…. 
I am one of those individuals that have such a large number of interests. Such a significant number of that I thoroughly confound myself and as often as possible get cerebrum over-burden ;))). For instance, on Tuesday I may have a craving for dressing bashfully, I may support delicate traditional music and perusing Steinbeck. Wednesday; I may wake up, apply substantial eyeliner, fishnets and step around the house tuning in “It doesn’t mind the Bollocks, here’s the Sex Pistols”. I adore expressive dance, I cherish Metallica, I cherish savoring Vodka 100ml shots, I adore Brussel Sprouts, I adore wearing men’s shoes from Kazakstan that I found by the street, I cherish my Burberry Jeans with planner heels. I am not flighty, I am only a Generalist. I have never been outrageously incredible at anything other than I have been truly great/Ok, great/great at a scope of things. 
Every one of my customers is entirely unexpected – distinctive looks, changed interests, changed jobs, religions, foundations, political and religious convictions; diverse faculties of cleverness, levels of affectability, dissatisfaction, persistence, diverse methods for kissing, distinctive necessities for closeness, sex, individual space, protection, circumspection. Also, that is only the start. 
It is the distinguishing, understanding, acknowledging, regarding and adjusting to every one of these distinctions which presents me with the consistent incitement, test, and rewards that I get from being an Escort in Mumbai and being with my Gentlemen. 
I venerate my customers in light of the fact that these astounding and fascinating Gentlemen that I invest my energy with help me to enjoy my diverse features; assist me with thinking all the more profoundly about subjects. 
Gentlemen: my testament of you is that I will constantly keep on making you feel very special, glad, content, fortified and anxious to grasp everything to adore about existence. 

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